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Is it necessary to wear a mask on the boat?

Yes, since May 4, the use of masks in public transport is mandatory. Therefore, in order to board each passenger must bring their own.

Is the use of gloves mandatory?

The use of gloves is not mandatory or recommended, and passengers have hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at their disposal, as well as a bathroom to carry out a soap wash, if necessary.

Is the boat and facilities disinfected?

Yes, before each trip, our crew cleans and disinfects the common areas, railings, seats, WC,….

And what about personal audio guides?

BILBOATS has designed a new streaming audio guide system, to be listened to through customers’ mobile phones. Personal headphones will be required. It does not require any installation in the terminal, and it is completely free.

Have all the necessary precautions been taken to make the trip safe?

Our staff will take the temperature to all travelers, before boarding, as an additional precautionary measure. In any case, because COVID-19 spreads from person to person, reducing the ways in which people come into close contact with others is essential. A personal distance of 2 meters is recommended between travelers, whenever possible.

All the personnel have received training to know and take the necessary security measures to protect the passage and protect themselves.

For any questions or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact our staff.