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Audioguide in streaming, on yor mobile.
Remember, it is essential to bring your particular headset.


At Bilboats we have always wanted to improve the experience of travelers by making our boat tours along the Bilbao estuary more attractive.

For this purpose we have launched the new audio guides.

Thanks to the technology of the system that we have developed, users will be able to access our content from their own mobile device and will be able to enjoy the tour listening to stories, curiosities, anecdotes … making the experience more interesting and enriching.

Remember, it is necessary to bring personal headphones.

Audio guides with headphones, from your personal mobile phone and in the usual browser.


  • Technology available to everyone.
    Our new platform is accessible from any device, with any operating system and from any web browser.
  • It does not require downloading or installing anything. It is not intrusive, it is not invasive.
    There is no app to install, nor is device memory used for its operation.
  • Easy to use: From your personal mobile phone, with your own headphones and in the usual web browser.
    The person who visits us is already familiar with their mobile device and with the browser they usually use. You don’t waste time learning how to operate a new device or application
  • «Covid Free»: A safe tourist offer.
    With the arrival of the pandemic and concerned about guaranteeing a clean and disinfected space for both the people who visit us and our team, we have created a safe and hygienic system. The new audio guide brings more security to the traveler. Nothing is delivered, nothing is returned. This together with other measures that we have adopted makes our activity completely safe.
    • The audio guide is free.
      Access to our audio guide platform is free with the purchase of the ticket. After boarding, you just have to scan a QR code or enter a url that we will place in a visible place.
    • Goodbye to queues.
      The new system replaces the old audio guides. The queues for the collection and delivery of the devices are over.
    • A multilingual platform.
      Currently the audios are available in 6 languages: Basque, Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. The system allows the visitor to change languages ​​at any time.
    • Professional voice-overs with native speakers.
      We want everyone who visits us to be comfortable and enjoy the experience, that is why we offer the audios with professional native speakers.
    • Many interesting stories and curiosities that make the experience of our trips more attractive and enriching.
      25 audios to listen to in the one-hour tour «Navigating Bilbao» and 47 in the two-hour tour «Navigating the Sea»..
    • Minimal data consumption.
      The audios are compressed in such a way that data consumption is minimal.




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