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Bilboats has two different boats for group rents, events, company meetings, presentations, etc. It is “an a la carte event”, according to the needs of the client. 


These are the rental prices of our two boats, IBAI ALAI and IBAI EDER, for the regular tours:


1- SAILING BILBAO: 1 hour, Bilbao Center Tour:

Ibai Eder Boat Rate: € 450 + 10% VAT

Ibai Alai Boat Rate: € 600 + 10% VAT


2- SAILING TO THE SEA: 2 hours, route Bilbao-Getxo-Bilbao, without stops:

Ibai Eder Boat Rate: € 650 + 10% VAT

Ibai Alai Boat Rate: € 900 + 10% VAT


3- Route Bilbao to Getxo or Getxo to Bilbao: 1 hour duration:

Ibai Eder Boat Rate: € 550 + 10% VAT

Ibai Alai Boat Rate: € 900 + 10% VAT

To see the routes, click on this LINK

Capacity of each boat: 80 pax. Characteristics of the boats: HERE

REQUEST A QUOTE, send us an email through the CONTACT FORM or at bilboats@bilboats.com, and we will get in touch with you.

The rental price includes, if interested, the onboard public address audioguide service, featuring information on the most interesting points and the history of the estuary, available in several languages: Spanish, Basque, English, French, German, and Italian. Additionally, you can choose to play music, either from the client (a USB with MP3 is recommended) or ours.

We provide onboard bar and catering service. Feel free to inquire.



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